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Match Report - Cardiff Huskies Vs Sheffield Steelkings

Posted on: 21 May 2016 | By: Cardiff Huskies

Today the Cardiff Huskies opened their account of the 2016 sledge hockey season. Playing hosts to Sheffield Steelkings in the brand new ice arena wales. The game was held on pad 2 which has been specifically designed with sledge hockey in mind and thus created a perfect setting to get the season off to a good start.

The Steelkings travelled down from sheffield, kitting up with a one-man bench marking it a tough game from the outset for them. The steelkings put their defensive strategy to work from the beginning and showed us they had been working hard on this in the offseason.

The Huskies got to work and opened up their scoring account with goals from Paul Furber, Andy Swinfen and Tim James. The huskies were passing the puck around and using the space to create advantage. The Steelkings were playing tight and defensive in their own zone, which allowed the huskies to enter and attack.

The second period remained the pretty much the same with the Steelkings staying back and Huskies recycling the puck around the zone taking intermittent shots. Paul Furber stepped up and scored 3 goals on the bounce pushing his tally over the hat-rick territory also Lloyd Woodyatt opened his account for the 2016 season.

In the final period both teams started showing fatigue. The steelkings icing a one-man bench and the huskies setting their stall for the new season, gaps started to appear for both teams. Steelkings started to attack more up the ice testing huskies netminder Alex Weaver, while the huskies were catching them on the break. Seeing quick goals from Tim James, Paul Furber, Tyler Christopher and a long shot from the blue by Jason Solman.

The match was a good demonstration of how sledge hockey is growing each season. The Steelkings have improved a great deal over the off season and it certainly wont be long until they are where they want to be. The huskies showed great team work, puck skills, and demonstrated the hard work they put in the off season to make sure they got off to a good start.

Match result: Cardiff Huskies 11 - 0 Sheffield Steelkings

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